Pregnancy scan 3D and 4D Ultrasound scan

Pregnancy scan 3D and 4D Ultrasound scan

For any women, becoming mother is considered to be the most prestigious and heart-touching moment of their whole life. During pregnancy any women requires prenatal care and attention to have a successful delivery without any complications. Prenatal care is nothing but an early care for the “going to be mother” and “coming soon baby”. During this period, both women and child will be very fragile and needs good hygiene food routine and doctorscheckup.

One must not take this lethargically, as any mistake can lead to danger for both mother and child.It may result in low birth weight of the child or the child may die in worst situations. Let it be your first or second pregnancy, health care is must and vital.One should be careful while visiting doctors for other reasons, you should also let the doctor know regarding pregnancy as the treatment and medicine they describe can affect your pregnancy and growth of the child.

Along with all these general care, periodic check-ups and gynecologists visit is a must. Once each month in early pregnancy stage, latertwice a month and when delivery dates in nearing, weekly once is must. Doctors bring in a very friendly feeling and examinations to you through scanning. As everyone knows, it is only through scanning that you can be in touch with your child before delivery.

Regular scan is required for timely update on child’s health and growth.Baby moments are one such professional clinic which provides different types of scanning to assure the health and growth of Child. The various types of scan they provide is 2D early pregnancy scan, 2D Gender Scan, 2D Dating scan, 2D Growth Scan, 2D Reassurance Scan, 4D baby scan and 4D Bonding Scan.

There are various offers available for frequent scanning at very affordable and attractive rates. Apart from that they keep displaying their limited time offer periodically, so never miss to be a frequent visitor to their site and miss exclusive offers.

For those who would like to differentiate between the types of scan they provide, here is a short description on all types of scan they offer.

2D early pregnancy scan –

2D early pregnancy scan basically confirms the presence of heart beat in mother’s womband also comes up with number of babies. It also checks the age of pregnancy days. This scan is usually entertained between 1- 7 weeks of pregnancy and at times is requested to re-visit if the sonographer is not able to determine the state clarity.

2D Gender Scan –

As the name explains its result, this 2D Gender Scan is use to determine the sex of baby or babies from 16 weeks gestation. They do not give 100% surety but explains on their understanding level.

2D Dating scan –

This 2D Dating scan is mainly for women’s who are facing some issues during pregnancy. These issues can be bleeding in pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, previous miscarriage etc. This scan will reassure the pregnancy and is usually performed after 12 weeks.

2D Growth Scan –

2D growth scan sometimes called as wellbeing scan, conducted to verify the fetal growth of the child and to estimate fetal weight using ultrasounds. It is usually encouraged between 24 to 34 weeks of pregnancy.

2D Reassurance Scan –

2D reassurance Scan is nothing but a bonding black and white scan, this is preferred when dating scan is not accurate and is performed after 14 weeks.

3D scan and 4D Scan –

3D and 4D binding scan is performed to check the well-being of baby, baby’s heartbeat estimation, movements and bonding, fetal growth with weight and Sex estimation if requested. You will also get 2D and 3D print of the scan throughout the scanning session. This scan is conducted between 24-32 weeks of pregnancy duration.


• 2D is a standard ultrasound in black and White.
• 3D is a still image in three dimensions.
• 4D is a color image in three dimensions showing the baby’s movement.
• 2D – is real-time and uni-planar image of the fetus- moving 2D
• 3D – is still volume, and it is created from multiple 2D pictures of the baby
• 4D – is moving in real-time 3D image of the fetus
So, all the pregnant women’s out there, stay healthy and enjoy the best part of life by feeling close to your kid through scanning.